WHO IS FGP Moreton Inc.?

FGP Moreton Inc. is a registered not-for-profit charity run by a Board of 7 volunteers:

President: Dr Kay Brumpton
Secretary: Lauren Newton
Treasurers: Gordon and Dr Gabi Gillmore 
Children services manager: Pauline Newton
Maintenance officer: Lex Newton

Board Member: Dr Spencer Toombes

The board members have strong links with rural Queensland with Pauline Newton and Kay Brumpton having attended Mitchell State School from Grades 1-10.

Pauline is now a head of curriculum in Toowoomba and is passionate about rural children having equal opportunities to achieve their God-given potential. Kay is a medical doctor and works for a medical school. She believes to help rural communities we have to address what is called the social determinants of health care and improve the education for all.

Lex and Lauren (Pauline’s husband and daughter respectively) and Spencer (Kay’s husband) have supported their mission and vision.

Gordon and Gabi Gillmore were original board members of Mitchell early childhood centre management committee. Their like minded ideals meant a perfect partnership for FGP Moreton Inc.

The whole team want to see and advocate for all children,no matter where they live in Queensland or what their circumstances, to have access to a quality, inclusive early childhood education.

We are passionate about living out our Christian beliefs, social justice and providing support for rural, remote communities to improve local community, education, health and employment.