Sample Program from January 2019:

Monday: What makes Surat a great place?

Make a model of our town using blocks, recycled materials, make sure you add our centre, the pool, school and the park

Include street signs, names of buildings and tourist attractions.

Decorate the bottle tree out the front so that people see us when they go past.  What can we hang from branches, tie on the tree?

Build our own Campdraft Grounds in the playground and run our own competition.

 Tuesday:  Maze Day

Have you ever tried to find your way out of a maze?

Build a maze that no-one else can find their way out of.  

 Wednesday:  Mystery Day

Be prepared for anything to happen.

 Thursday:  Wet and Wild Day

Bring a change of clothes and swimwear and be prepared to get Wet and Wild.

 Friday:  Celebrate Australia Day




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